A pastor’s wife literally bites off more than she chews in this very engaging horror film from director Travis Stevens.

To many, Anne Fedder is the respected wife of local pastor Jakob Fedder. However, she has felt that as of late, she is beginning to feel humdrum and redundant. She feels somewhat neglected by her husband, who worries more his parishoners listening to the word of God and not paying enough attention to her. When she meets the mysterious Tom Low, she is about to go through a life-changing experience. One she never expects.

After a nightly encounter with Tom, Anne wakes up the next day with bitemarks on her neck. She soon discovers she can’t tolerate sunlight and she begins to crave human blood. She is becoming a vampire. When Jakob discovers what has happened to his wife, he finds himself completely conflicted. When he learns there may be a way to cure her, Anne finds herself conflicted as she has had the first good feeling in a long time, even if she must resort to killing to keep herself in check. What will happen when “The Master”, the head vampire arrives?

Now, this is what you can an amazing vampire movie and we’re talking one with such emotional drama that meshes well. The story of a housewife juggling marriage and death in the form of becoming a vampire and add to the fact that the wife in question is a pastor’s wife just adds more fuel to the fire. The topics of marriage, religion, and horrors all flesh out well in this film.

If there is any reason to see this film, it’s legendary screen queen Barbara Crampton in the titular role, that of Anne Fedder. While she is the faithful wife to the titular Jakob, played by Larry Fessenden, it’s clear that Anne is completely unhappy and feels she is living somewhat of a humdrum wife. Her need for something more in her life may not be what she had hoped for, While she had been known as a scream queen back in the 80’s, Crampton has returned to the horror genre in such a major way that she can tackle any type of role. To play such a conflicted (and afflicted) wife of a pastor, she definitely owns this movie to a tee.

Larry Fessenden is also great as Pastor Jakob Fedder, who finds himself first just following the strict word of God. However, he finds himself torn between his faith and his loyalty to Anne. Shocked at Anne’s new “life”, he finds himself caught into some uncomfortable situations. And it does include covering up some of the deaths Anne finds herself responsible for. Kudos also must go out to another 80’s icon, Robert Rusler as the mysterious Tom Low, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks as the sheriff’s deputy, and The Nun herself, Bonnie Aarons, displaying her role of “The Master” looking like a female version of Nosferatu.

Jakob’s Wife is definitely the modern-day vampire film we all need. Yes, there are some over the top moments, but Barbara Crampton is the reason to see this. Clearly, this is one of her best performances.


RLJE Films and Shudder present an Eyevox Entertainment production in association with Alliance Media Partners. Director: Travis Stevens. Producers: Barbara Crampton, Travis Stevens, Bob Portal, and Inderpal Singh. Writers: Kathy Charles, Mark Steensland, and Travis Stevens. Cinematography: David Matthews. Editing: Aaron Crozier and Travis Stevens.

Cast: Barbara Crapton, Larry Fessenden, Bonnie Aarons, Nyisha Bell, Sarah Lind, Mark Kelly, Robert Rusler, Jay DeVon Johnson, Phil “C.M. Punk” Brooks.