A superhero returns to his high school reunion in this campy and not to be taken seriously film that pays homage to well, superhero films.

In 2009, Jason Stone was a high school student who was bullied by fellow student Scott Thresher. He has even had a major crush on Jackie Albright. At a science fair, the bullying goes too far, and Jason becomes exposed to some strange green dust. The dust has given Jason superpowers and he decides to become a superhero known as Science Boy. Ten years has passed since Jason became Science Boy and today is the day for his high school reunion.

Upon his return to high school, he learns that Jackie and Scott are now married. Scott continues to bully Jason, seeing him as a worthless pile of trash. However, when Jason becomes Science Boy and confronts a gang he once faced before in front of Scott and Jackie, he gets Jackie’s attention. After a brief encounter with Jackie, he soon discovers that he is not the only one who had been affected by the dust all those years ago. A former school staff member has become known as Killjoy and he is too much for Science Boy. Soon enough, Jason will have some unexpected help in the form of new superheroes who will help him take on Killjoy but something worse is in store for him.

From the mind of Alex DeCourville comes this pretty campy homage to the superhero genre. What if a superhero must attend his high school reunion? It was done in Superman III, where Clark returns to Smallville and reunites with Lana Lane and faces the wrath of the old high school bully. Perhaps, DeCourville was influenced by that film to make this film. Only with more comic and campiness that is quite fun to watch once things get going.

DeCourville takes on the titular role of Science Boy. With a resemblance to Ryan Reynolds, he is quite funny in his own way as the nerdy Jason Stone and his even nerdier alter ego, Science Boy. If Ryan Reynolds does his way of speaking things in a Deadpool kind of way, Alex DeCourville is like the “clean-cut nerdy version of Reynolds” in both looks and way of speaking as Science Boy. It’s actually quite funny, especially when it comes to a laugh out loud intimate moment with former high school crush Jackie, played by Kayleigh Williams. It will make you think twice about Jumanji.

Like Superman III, the former high school crush our hero had is now with the school bully. Where we had Lana Lane now with Brad, we have Jackie with school bully Scott, played by Dominic Cancelliere. The film does have some “superhero” action, where we see Science Boy become the target of a revenge-seeking gang at first, but then Joseph Pledger’s Killjoy is the big bad villain with an assistant who is quite a twist in the story. Even better, in the final act, other superheroes, made up of some of Jason’s schoolmates, arrive and in one case, his superhero name couldn’t fit anymore better.

Science Boy’s High School Reunion is campy, and it looks to be intended that way. Don’t go in expecting a Marvel or DCEU film, but a fun homage to the genre with a lead star who looks and has a “clean” version tone to a certain Merc with a Mouth. This was one film I really enjoyed.


A Chances Are Productions film. Directors: Alex DeCourville and Stephanie Hensley. Producers: Alex DeCourville, Stephanie Hensley, and Brandon Prewitt. Writer: Alex DeCourville. Cinematography: Jake Reynolds. Editing: Stephanie Hensley.

Cast: Alex DeCourville, Kayleigh Williams, Dominic Cancelliere, Joseph Pledger, Erin Butusov, Becca Spivey, B.J. Halsall, Peter Tommey, Sharon Arianna Allen, Cait McNeal, Rob Motoc, Vernard Adams.