A couple’s attempt to look into the recent trend of creepy clown sightings lead to something very dangerous in this found footage film, one of the best since The Blair Witch Project.

After a string of creepy clown sightings and attacks have rocked the United States, filmmaking couple Todd and Jennifer Smith decide to make a documentary about the idea of clown sightings. Doing some research, the couple’s attempt to interview an expert on the field, but when Jennifer pushes the expert, she and Todd are kicked out. Todd and Jennifer constantly find themselves with futile attempts to get anything. That is, until Todd gets a slew of e-mails from one area.

Receiving twenty-seven e-mails, the couple heads to Peachtree Way in Nash County in their home state of North Carolina. They interview people who have seen clowns in the area who have become extremely uncomfortable. When Todd receives a flash drive of security cam footage from a convenient store owner where a worker was creeped out by a clown, a clown contacts the couple and wants to meet with them. What will happen when they finally come face to face?

The Blair Witch Project was proven to be a groundbreaking horror film that defined the “found footage” subgenre. While other horror films, notably the Paranormal Activity franchise used the idea of “found footage, none could live up to the 1999 film. Enter two decades later and we have this film, originally set for release in 2017 but got delayed due to legal technicalities. This film is based on the current event of creepy clown sightings that have plagued the United States.

Real-life couple Todd and Jennifer Smith are the filmmakers who decide to look into the sightings. Much like Blair Witch, the film takes a believable realistic look at their attempts to get answers about the clown sightings. There are films that were inspired by these creepy clown sightings. Clowntown is an example where a scene in the film is based on a real-life event. However, to see the Smiths interview people who were involved and have seen them look genuinely scared and frightened when they talk about the incidents.

There are some very disturbing moments in the film that involves especially Todd. When he experiences a clown midway through the film, he gets assaulted and in a moment of fear, leaves without his wallet. This causes some major tension between him and his wife as she becomes a little more enthusiastic about the documentary and interviews. However, it’s clear Todd slowly begins to regret the decision to go through with everything. The final ten minutes are extremely disturbing and creepy. It leads to a very shocking finale.

Behind the Sightings is 2021’s answer to the Blair Witch Project as it is extremely disturbing and creepy with loads of tension thrown in for this couple.


Random Media presents a Tommy V Productions in association with White Glove Productions. Director: Tony Caldwell. Producers: Norman Alston and Tony Cadwell. Writers: Norman Alston and Tony Cadwell. Editing: Justin Ridge.

Cast: Jennifer Smith, Todd Smith.