A couple’s engagement video doesn’t go as planned in this mockumentary from writer-director Abe Schwartz.

Abe Schatz and Jen Delaney have been a couple for a long time. Jen decides to propose to Abe, which he happily accepts. Jen comes up with the crazy idea of making an “engagement video” in Las Vegas and Abe, as reluctant as he is, decides to go along with it. At first, things go very well as the two are having the time of their lives. Then, things slowly begin to unravel and it all starts with a disturbing phone call Jen receives from her father.

Jen has learned her grandmother is in the hospital and not doing too well. Meanwhile, Abe has confessed a startling secret involving the night of their engagement. Soon enough, Abe and Jen’s once happy life begins to deteriorate. It gets to a point where Jen and Abe do not speak and spend a night apart. Jen runs into an ex, Hunter while she learns Abe’s “secret” also happens to be in Vegas? Can they survive their troubles and stay as a couple? Or will this once happy life be completely over?

This is a wild mockumentary from the mind of Abe Schwartz. What’s even more funny is that the stars themselves, Schwartz and Jennifer Daley, have character names that play off their own names and it’s their chemistry that really elevates this film. It may seem a bit shady as to why Jen wants to document everything so bad, as from what it sounds like, she has aspirations to be some sort of reality star with Abe being the reluctant one, feeling very uncomfortable with the situation. But, he does go along with it for the most part.

The scene where Jen receives the phone call becomes the catalyst for things going awry. It makes you not really feel much sympathy for either Abe or Jen. One can take a wild guess what Abe did but in jen’s case, it involves something financial that questions the validity of their engagement. Things just get very complicated when both Jen and Abe are faced with certain challenges that so happened to be in Vegas as well. And it just boils over when the final moments and well, things really go insane.

Engaged in Vegas is a wild mockumentary with Abe Schwartz and Jennifer Daley showing excellent chemistry as we see them on both sides of the relationship spectrum. It’s funny, it’s cute, and then it’s flat out insanity!


Random Media presents a Bad Batch Productions film. Director: Abe Schwartz. Producer: Kenny Harrison. Writer: Abe Schwartz. Cinematography: Petur Magnusson. Editing: Abe Schwartz, Eva Knezevic, and Petur Magnusson.

Cast: Jennifer Daley, Abe Schwartz, Petur Magnusson, Adam Mervis, Sheila Sarasmita, Joyce Wu, Olu Ajayi, Kenny Harrison.