She’s been Batwoman and The Doorman. Now, Ruby Rose takes center stage again in this action-packed thriller from director George Gallo.

Victoria is a former drug courier for the Russian mob who since leaving has led a straight life with her daughter Lily. She has also been taken care of by former detective Damon, who has been after the mob for a long time but has come to the point of exhaustion where he’s now retired. Deep down, Damon wants one last shot at the mobsters but knows deep down he can‘t do it alone.

Knowing full well of Victoria’s past, he decides she must do the work for him. To add some insurance to get the job done, he holds Lily hostage. Victoria, now mad that she must revert back to her past life, is armed with a gun and a motorcycle. She must take out five specific targets and if she succeeds, Victoria will be totally free to once again continue her life with Lily. However, as Victoria gets closer to finishing the job, will Damon stick to his promise, or is it just the first step to something bigger?

From director George Gallo (who co-wrote the script with Sam Bartlett) comes this fast-paced thriller that mostly delves into more of a dramatic piece with filler action pieces. Ruby Rose has had her shares of hit and miss action roles. The former without a doubt being the mute assassin in John Wick Chapter 2. However, her last action outing The Doorman was less than stellar. Here, she gets to blend her emotional range mixed in with performing some action as a former drug runner who must do five jobs to rescue her daughter.

What is very intriguing is that of Morgan Freeman, the “puppet master” to the whole operation. He seems to have a trusting relationship in the eyes of Victoria. However, when the mission is revealed, it seems to have broken the trust as if this was something Damon had planned all along. As the film progresses, it does bring a sense of predictability, but still works out well.

Vanquish is pretty much a hit and miss action film that won’t please everyone. The saving grace of the film is the chemistry between leads Ruby Rose and Morgan Freeman with Rose getting a little bit of redemption after The Doorman.


Lionsgate presents a Capstone Group production in association with March On Productions. Director: George Gallo. Producers: Nate Adams, David E. Ornstein, and Richard Salvatore. Writers: George Gallo and Sam Bartlett. Cinematography: Anastas N. Michos. Editing: Yvan Gauthier.

Cast: Ruby Rose, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Muldoon, Nick Vallelonga, Julie Lott, Hannah Stocking, Joel Michaely, Miles Doleac, Paul Sampson, Richard Salvatore, Juju Journey Brener.