Four people get more than what they bargained for in this film from the director of Triggered.

Taken to an isolated testing facility, four volunteers are about to take part in a medical experiment involving an experimental drug. They are constant smoker and ex-cop William, paraplegic Dominic, cancer-stricken Jake, and asthmatic Samantha. They are given the first dose of the drug, B-15, and sent to a room where they find themselves assaulted by armed guards. However, the drug slowly begins to take effect as each of the four begin to experience a sense of healing.

While the four begin to heal, they know something isn’t right. However, things get worse when Megan, a pregnant woman, had been hiding out in the facility. The corporation decides to snuff out Megan and hire the guards to do the job. Meanwhile, the drug begins to take a very deadly effect on the four and when it is revealed that past versions of the drug has turned the failed corpses into zombies, all hell breaks loose, and both the guards and patients must work together to stop the zombie horde before they are next.

One thing can be said with the works of Alastair Orr. He definitely has a love of the horror genre and really delves the terror in this film. With his debut The Unforgiving, it had a bit of a Hostel vibe to the film. With this film, the story of four volunteers for a new medicine with serious side effects eventually gives off a Resident Evil vibe in the second half of the film, which takes a major twist in the form of a new character who shows up and brings to mind the trope of the evil corporations.

The cast is great as they all showcase different personalities, a recipe for success. Michael Thompson brings a sense of grounding as paraplegic Dominic. Brandon Auret, who gives an excellent and at times haunting performance in The Lullaby, is the tough ex-cop William. Ryan Macquet, who starred and produced The Unforgiving, returns as the shy, reserved, cancer patient Jake. Ingebord Reidmaier rounds out the patients as asthmatic waitress Samantha. Their various personalities work well as they play each other off quite well, even when things go very awry.

Christien Le Roux’s Megan is the major twist to the film, having infiltrated the facility and thus, making her a target against the evil corporation, led by Clive Gilson’s Colin Norton. He’s an evil mastermind whose intentions seem good at first. However, as the film progresses, we learn there’s something more sinister behind his mannerisms, especially when it comes to the four protagonists getting beaten up by military guards for who knows what reason. Soon enough, the rivals do work together when the experimental drugs have a dangerous side effect involving well, a user becoming a zombie. The use of shaky cam here fits well as it brings a sense of realism to the film and the special effects are well done combined with Fabian Sing’s haunting score.

Expiration is a very tense horror film with Alastair Orr’s love of horror still intact. An eclectic cast, a major twist, and a Resident Evil-style finale is quite wild and one has to appreciate Orr’s love of the genre.


Grand Entertainment Group presents a Kamikaze Motion Pictures production. Director: Alastair Orr. Producers: Ryan Macquet, Alastair Orr, and Phil Gorn. Writers: Alastair Orr and Jonathan Jordaan. Cinematography: Brendan Barnes. Editing: Alastair Orr.

Cast: Michael Thompson, Brandon Auret, Ingebord Ridemaier, Ryan Macquet, Craig Hawks, Clive Gilson, Christien Le Roux, Nicolas Rasenti, Alex Radnitz, Justin Strydom.