Trekkies…Lt. Uhura wants your help with what will be her final role!

Entitled Renegades: Ominara, the legendary Nichelle Nichols is making her final on-screen performance on this epic TV project that will reunite her with Walter Koenig, who played Dr. Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek series. In addition, Power Ranger fans will be excited to learn that Jason Faunt, who played the Red Ranger, Wes Collins, on Power Rangers: Time Force, will join the cast alongside Loren Lott, who will play Nichols’ titular character in her younger years and Johnny Jay Lee as the younger version of Koenig’s character, Professor Steiner.

Chalet Lizette Brannan and Jackie R. Jacobsen will play Ominara’s cohorts in this adventure, in which we see young Ominara and her lifelong conflict with Prof. Steiner, who uses her as a test subject for his technological experiments. After escaping imprisonment, Ominara, and her friends become infamous space criminals with the help of Intergalactic crime lord Reza, played by Faunt.

The project is being directed by Tim Russ, written-produced by award-winning writer and novelist Frank Zanca and executive produced by Sky Conway. A Kickstarter fund has begun and they need your help!

Go to Renegades-ominara-phase-2 to help out and receive certain perks for donating to this epic final project for a sci-fi icon!