The Effects of Getting “Bullied” Seen in Upcoming Documentary

This is one documentary that everyone may need to see as we unveil the official trailer to the upcoming documentary Bullied.

Through intimate interviews with victims of bullying, including family members who have lost children to suicide in the wake of bullying, Bullied takes an unflinching look at the terrors and urgency of tackling the problem of bullying around the world. From writer/director Thomas Keith, Bullied is a work that traces bullying and the effects of bullying, but also the methods and programs that have proven efficacious in reducing bullying.

The film will debut on TubiTV on February 12.

3 thoughts on “The Effects of Getting “Bullied” Seen in Upcoming Documentary

  1. Incorrect link. Apparently Amazon Prime has pulled all documentaries.


    1. Yes. I changed the link as it is now exclusively on Tubi TV with the link to see the documentary.


  2. just seeing that clipgot my blood boiling so bad I’m shaking…….I used to beat up bullies…..rode my bike down some stairs to chase a kid for picking on a kid…….I got in trouble but it was WELL worth it……..They left her alone after that beating…..gave the kid a bloody nose and it was a boy……..a few other instances too……..we were not retards from the retard school as one boy put it and down on the ground he went11 year old girl (me)15 year old boy him(Dennis)


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