A group of friends learn the only way they can overcome their individual issues is by working together in this emotional drama from the duo of Meghan Good and Tamara Bass.

Since meeting in high school, Patrice, Suzanne, Tyra, and Deidre have been friends who bonded after one of them became a first-time mother at a young age. Years have passed and the friends have lost touch on various occasions due to their personal lives. However, when it is revealed that Tyra has become addicted to opioids and suffered an overdose. The friends reunite and along with Tyra’s boyfriend Max and daughter Jillian, convince her to go to rehab.

While Tyra attempts to get clean, the others struggle with their own issues. Deidre, a known choreographer, struggles to find commitment. Suzanne struggles with her marriage after the co-worker she is having an affair with leaves her when she refuses to leave her husband. Patrice, the headstrong one, has issues with her love for a doctor and with Suzanne because she felt Suzanne had left the group when they needed her the most and even helps takes in Tyra’s daughter while she is in rehab. These four women soon learn a lesson that sometimes the only way they can overcome their issues is by coming together and be the friends they were once again.

Making their directorial debut as a team are actors Meghan Good and Tamara Bass from a script by Bass, who used some of her real-life experiences to create this story of four friends who must work together to overcome their personal issues. This is a film about female empowerment and the power of friendship, which at the right time, can overcome any issue.

Good and Bass, along with co-stars Mekia Cox and Meghan Holder show such natural chemistry when they come together. It is also great in the first half of the film we see their attempts to overcome their issues and struggle. This is where we see the emotional factor hit amongst the four. From overcoming a drug addiction to a marriage coming to an end, the film brings a sort of Tyler Perry-vibe to the mix. The second half slowly starts the turning point for these four as they slowly begin to bounce back and find themselves and comes to grips with even each other.

If there is a character who is the strongest of the bunch, it is Bass’s Patrice, who may start out having issues with Suzanne but proves to be the heart of the group when she takes in Tyra’s daughter and after forgiving Suzanne, helps her in her time of need. In addition, she finally reveals herself to the man she loves about why she is scared of love. When Tyra hits a bit of a roadblock while in rehab, with the help of her counselor, finds the strength to become a better person and even attempts at asking for forgiveness. As if that’s not enough, a pivotal moment with Suzanne shows how strong even Deidre can be just as headstrong as Patrice when it calls for it. This is just how powerful this movie is when it comes to these friends coming together to overcome their problems.

If Not Now, When is an emotional and powerhouse of an indie film with the story of these four friends learning to overcome their own issues by working together. Meghan Good and Tamara Bass are a dream team behind the cameras and this is one film definitely worth checking out.


Vertical Entertainment presents a Krazy Actress Productions film. Directors: Meghan Good and Tamara Bass. Producers: Meghan Good, Lamiya Good, Sway Calloway, Rizi Timane, and Datari Turner. Writer: Tamara Bass. Cinematography: Craig Dean Devine. Editing: Rooth Tang.

Cast: Meghan Good, Tamara Bass, Mekia Cox, Meghan Holder, Edwin Hodge, Jon Chaffin, Niles Fitch, Lexi Underood, Kyle Schmid, McKinley Freeman, Valerie Pettiford, Todd Williams.

The film will be released on Demand, and Digital on January 8, 2021.