Two couples find themselves under attack by an unseen force in this horror thriller from the mind of Jeffrey A. Brown.

Emily and Randall have had a tumultuous relationship. However, they decide to head to Randall’s family’s beach house in an attempt to salvage their relationship. The next day after they arrive, they learn they aren’t alone. As a matter of fact, Mitch and Jane, an elderly couple who are renting house, are old friends of Randall’s family. Ultimately, the two couples decide to stay in the house together and the foursome celebrate that night with dinner and a chat along with a walk on the beach.

However, the next day, the four begin to experience some strange occurrences. When Jane is missing, Mitch looks for her. Meanwhile, Randall begins to feel a little ill when he and Emily sunbathe on the beach. After Randall goes inside, Emily discovers a strange amoeba-like creature washed up on the shores. She accidentally touches the creature with her foot. She returns to the house, where the inevitable happens. Jane and Randall slowly begin to transform into zombie-like creatures as they have been infected. Will Emily and Mitch be able to find their way out or will it also be too late for them?

Jeffrey A. Brown is quite a genius. He came up with a film that takes the viewer on a very crazy ride that starts off with one genre, then it teases the possibility of perhaps a different genre before veering off in an entirely different direction that becomes the basis of the film. In other words, this is definitely a three-act film in which the third and final act will please fans of anything Lovecraftian, especially the earlier Color Out of Space.

2020 is proof that this is the year of Liana Liberato. She has proven to be a force on the indie circuit as she has been in a comedy (Banana Split), drama (To the Stars), and now horror. As Emily, a young woman who knows what she hopes to achieve with Noah Le Gros’ Randall being the opposite, wanting to be more of a free spirit and wants Emily along for the ride. Maryann Nagel and Jake Weber play the elderly Mitch and Jane and at first, one would think they have ulterior motives in the vein of another recently released film, The Owners. That’s not the case as the third act brings us something very different.

The film takes a page out of H.P. Lovecraft and this is where we see great stunts and practical effects. There are some very cringeworthy moments in the film including a character taking a wormlike creature out of their foot to seeing characters turn into zombie-like creatures as it seems whatever these things on the beach tend to attack the victim from the inside out like The Stuff.

The Beach House teases one genre of horror than ultimately gives us another subgenre of horror, all driven by the performances of its cast.


RLJE Films and Shudder presents a Low Spark Films production in association with Uncorked Productions. Director: Jeffrey A. Brown. Producers: Sophia Lin, Andrew Corkin, and Tyler Davidson. Writer: Jeffrey A. Brown. Cinematography: Owen Levelle. Editing: Aaron Crozier.

Cast: Liana Liberato, Noah Le Gros, Maryanne Nagel, Jake Weber.

The film will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray, On Demand and Digital on December 15.