It’s Back! The Indie Action Spotlight is making its triumphant return amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. After a supersized Summer Edition and a break in September, it’s time for the Indie Action Spotlight to return.

Here is the Highlight Short Film of the Month:

Martial Club unleashed their take on a Bruce Lee classic! In Fist of Fury, Andy Le plays Chen Zhen, the heroic fighter played by Lee. After wiping out the Japanese dojo, he goes face to face against General Fujita, played by Brian Le. The final scene is truly a shocker!

Here are this month’s selected Stunt Reels

Here are this month’s selected Short Films

And that’s this month’s Indie Action Spotlight. If you have a stunt reel or short film you want to submit, send an e-mail to with the subject “Indie Action Spotlight” with links and information. For November’s IAS, the deadline will be November 5, 2020!