What turns out to be a cop shooting becomes a tale of racial injustice in this important film from filmmaker Sergio Guerrero Garzafox.

Lucretia Whitaker is an African-American ex-convict who is trying to regain her life, especially her relationship with her son, by taking a job as a rideshare driver. However, on a fateful afternoon, an encounter with Officer Joel Murphy results in his shooting. Lucretia soon finds herself the prime suspect in the shooting and finds her world turned upside down. Body cam footage reveals Lucretia was forced into a situation and it may look like she shot Joel accidentally. Nevertheless, Joel’s partner Sarah is seething with revenge and with the help of other police, arrest those close to Lucretia with no remorse.

Meanwhile, JJ King, an Asian-American viral star, showed footage of the cop and he attracts the attention of local reporter Kate Hensen, who wants more on the story despite her boss’ rebuffs. As for Lucretia, with nowhere to go, she attracts the attention of Lola, a viral news starlet who operates out of her home. Lucretia, as well as the store owners where Joel was shot, has video surveillance that may prove something completely shocking. Footage that may prove Lucretia may not have been responsible for anything at all except defend herself. However, Sarah’s made her intentions clear and she plans to bust Lucretia, at all costs.

With what’s going on in today’s society, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the racial injustice that has caused a war between police and protestors, this indie drama is a very important film in terms of the latter. Filmmaker Sergio Guerrero Garzafox does something very intriguing with this film as we see it from a social media point of view as well as what looks to be security camera footage and dashcam footage to bring the story to life. However, it takes more than cinematography and editing to bring a story to life. It has to be driven by the performances of the cast and boy, do they succeed.

Paulette Patterson is perfectly cast with her portrayal of lead character Lucretia. The character is someone who has suffered enough and her attempt to atone for her mistakes are futile in the eyes of her ex-husband. The film’s opening starts with the crime of a cop being shot and in spurting flashbacks, we see the events that lead up to the shooting. This juxtaposes with the various point of views from the supporting characters and they are very eclectic and have their own opinions. Some you may agree with. Others not so much.

One of the most hated characters in the film is Officer Sarah, played by Christina Morrell. As Joel’s partner, she finds herself convinced that what Joel did was completely justified despite the evidence showing otherwise. Her mind is too clouded and only has revenge on her mind rather than thinking with a straight head. Some of the police officers are not too well-liked as they show signs of one of the biggest problems today, racial profiling. The scene involving Lucretia’s bestie Nikki getting arrested is just heartbreaking to watch as we see the arresting officer berating her and making threats.

On the other side, we have Helen Kennedy’s Kate Hensen, the local reporter who may look like she’s looking for just a story and is accused of “fake news”. However, the case involving Lucretia with her ace in the hole being viral star JJ helping her just shows the dedication as a journalist to exhibit real news. Even when her boss berates her for her part in the news, she doesn’t care. She feels the story needs to be heard and JJ, who finds his social media following on the rise since being involved, also seems to be the type of guy who wants the truth be known. Lizza Monet’s Lola, who is clearly one of these viral video news startlets, really takes the cake as she wants the truth be seen and in the third act, what better way to get Lucretia explain everything in her own words on her channel. Lucretia’s speech at the end of the film is the perfect statement about the troubles that plague us today and how it needs to be stopped.

Intolerance No More is a very important film about an issue that is plaguing everyone today: racial profiling and the troubles between policemen and victims who have done nothing wrong. This is not an anti-police film in anyway, but more of a message that discrimination needs to come to an end, or there will be no peace.


Random Media presents an IndiEye Films production in association with True Form Films. Director: Sergio Guerrero Garzafox. Producers: Yennifer Behrens, DeWayne Cox, Mauricio Mendoza, and Sergio Guerrero Garzafox. Writers: Jennifer Irons and Sergio Guerrero Garzafox. Cinematography: Xavier Grobet. Editing: Peggy Davis.

Cast: Paulette Patterson, Lizza Monet, Christina Morrell, Helen Kennedy, Daniel Chung, Wilky Lau, Rose Kai Lee, Jim Marshall, Drew Wicks.