It is hard to believe that it’s already 2020 and it’s been five years since I started WorldFilmGeek. I never would imagine in the five years how amazing it would be. Having written about films since my college days, having the chance to watch new films and interview actors and filmmakers, especially ones I’ve been fans of for a number of years, it’s been perhaps one of the best adventures I have ever experienced and will continue to experience.

Going from starting my own blogs mainly focusing on martial arts and Asian cinema to writing for a whopping 7-year stint at the now defunct and starting a small non-martial arts blog on the side, 2015 was definitely a year of change. When announced its closing, I didn’t see it as the end of writing about my passion for films. It only ended up sparking an idea that would serve as the latest chapter in my writing about films.

During my KFC days and shortly before that, I’ve learned to hone my craft for writing reviews of films. However, I do admit, when I did my 1st phone interview with an actor for one of my old film blogs, I admit, I was completely nervous because it was with one of my favorite action stars of the great B-movie era. I know many are going to ask who so I will let it out of the bag…

It was 1999, and the actor in mind was Loren Avedon, the star of No Retreat, No Surrender II & III and one of my all-time favorite martial arts action films, The King of the Kickboxers. I got through it, but I was still nervous. However, it wouldn’t be until 2012 that I did my next phone interview and that was with Jason Yee for his neo-noir action film The Girl from the Naked Eye. By then, I started to get a sense of becoming more comfortable.

Since founding WorldFilmGeek, I have had the pleasure of interviewing many actors and filmmakers and I felt right away that my confidence level in terms of performance interviews has gone up. As a matter of fact, when it’s someone I have been a huge fan of, forget the nerves, this is when I go into fanboy mode and once the interview starts, there is this awesome sense of comfort and it just makes it a wonderful experience. And I’ve even been blessed with getting the opportunity to show “lightning strikes twice” when I get to interview certain people a second time for their latest projects and that’s quite awesome in their own right.

Well, this is definitely not a goodbye, but more of a Thank You for your support for the last five years! Those who have followed up on the blog, those who I’ve interviewed, all you awesome PR people who connect me to the latest films and getting the chance to do these interviews…you know who you are! Thank you!

And with that said, I am going to make a major announcement! This December, look out for the very 1st Annual WorldFilmGeek awards! I’m planning it out right now, but it’s happening! I’ll still do a Top 10 of 2020, but I am adding something extra with the WFG Awards and it will not only focus on films, but the filmmakers and actors involved as well.

There is also the announcement of the first WorldFilmGeek Hall of Fame, which will also be announced with the WFG Awards. Who will be this year’s first entrants of the WFGHOF? The answer will come in December 2020!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the site since its inception in 2015! Here’s to many more years and this is clearly not the end…it’s only the beginning…