Camille Keaton goes from spitting on a grave to crying for a bad man in this indie thriller, which proves one thing. She is still one tough woman!

Six months after the death of her husband, Marsha Kane is still reeling from the loss of her husband. When she refuses to accept an offer for her home by land developer Bill MacMohan, his eldest son Wayne decides to take matters in his own hands. Arriving with brothers Derrek and J.R., Wayne gives Marsha 24 hours to accept the offer or something bad will happen. When she tries to tell Deputy Pyle, he refutes her story and even threatens to arrest her for making a false report.

When Marsha’s daughter Helen comes to see her mother and hears what has happened, Helen attempts to convince Marsha to go home with her. Marsha refuses and knowing time is running out, Marsha knows what she has to do. Arming herself with a shotgun and a handgun, Marsha prepares for retribution when the MacMohan boys show up with Deputy Pyle, who looks out from afar. The MacMohan boys will soon learn they are about to make the biggest mistake of their lives.

In 1978, Camille Keaton, the granddaughter of the legendary comedian Buster Keaton, made horror movie history with the iconic cult film I Spit on Your Grave. Having recently reprised the role in I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu, Keaton has made a welcome return to the industry and this film just shows how tough she really can be when it comes to being forced to fight.

As grieving widow Marsha, we see Keaton during the opening credit sequence cleaning a mess up. One can’t tell if she killed her husband or if he committed suicide. It’s not explained, but then the crux of the film starts six months later. Marsha is a headstrong woman while those around her, including her daughter, see her as stubborn. When she refuses the offer from land developer Bill, played in only one scene by Mark Poppleton, the real villains come in the form of Bill’s sons. Bill seems to take the refusal of the offer okay but it’s Wayne, the eldest son, who refuses and the character, played by Scott Peeler, is a complete manipulative scumbag.

As for the other two sons, it is quite interesting to see middle son Derrek, played by Eric Dooley, play the kind of guy you would expect to be a stooge to deranged when things don’t go as planned. There are still some goofball elements on his part. In terms of J.R., played by Christopher James Forrest, he’s a total follower and even berates Derrek on occasion during their plan to harass Marsha. However, if you’ve seen Camille Keaton play a tough strong woman before, then you know what to expect as she doesn’t back down and will go to great and at times grisly lengths to protect her home.

Cry for the Bad Man is a riveting action thriller that has a bit of exploitation in terms of its violence. The villains, especially the leader, is very scummy but in the end, it’s all about Camille Keaton doing what she does best. Showing how tough a woman can be in the right situation!


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Bad Man Films LLC production. Director: Sam Farmer. Producers: Jonathan Shepherd and Corina Seaburn. Writer: Sam Farmer. Cinematography: Patrick Barry. Editing: Corina Seaburn and Sam Farmer.

Cast: Camille Keaton, Scott Peeler, Eric Dooley, Christopher James Forrest, Karen Konzen, Victor Jones, Mark Poppleton.