19-year old Sam Garcia Southern makes his directorial debut on a series of interconnecting stories of well, not too good people in New York City.

In the heart of New York City, even the craziest of the crazy can attempt to take the easy way out and meet disastrous results. When Andre comes up with the idea of robbing a local convenient store after seeing a Rolex box inside of a box in the back, Pippin reluctantly joins Andre and the robbery ends very badly. Terry is looking to get rid of his wife because she cheated on him and through the advice of an escort, meets a gun dealer.

Vince and Rubin are two swindlers who attempt to con people by posing as workers for a deli before attending a party. Francisco and Kelly are two guys who are meeting with Stevie, a mysterious man who has gotten rich by creating his own special synthetic blend of weed. Allan and his little brother on their way home, go to a diner and find themselves potentially the victims of the crazed owners. All in the span of a day in the heart of New York City.

When it comes to interconnecting stories, things can go quite well or quite awry because perhaps there are a few holes that cause the connect to disconnect. However, 19-year old Sam Garcia Southern does an amazing job with his film debut, a weave of interconnecting stories about well, the “rats” of NYC’s inner city, or the ones who try to get out of situations the easy way out but are met with unexpected and at times, disastrous results.

What’s even more astounding is that where certain films have “chapters” or “episodes”, Southern does something ingenious. He treats the film as a record, or even a mix tape. The stories are told as “tracks” and in track 3, the story of swindlers Vince and Rubin, there is a pause where the words “Now turn to side B” are imposed on the screen and continue the story. An “interlude” starts the track starring Allan and his little brother. The last track is quite a fitting finale and overall shows a fun wild ride in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

Inner City Rats is a terrific film debut for Sam Garcia Southern. His use of using “tracks” to connect the stories are quite a joy to watch with an ensemble cast who showcase a dose of comic relief, little bit of graphic violence, and all-around tomfoolery. ‘


Random Media presents a What’s Next to the Moon Films production. Director: Sam Garcia Southern. Producer: Melissa Southern. Writer: Sam Garcia Southern. Cinematography: James McShane. Editing: Sam Garcia Southern.

Cast: Madawiz, Radamiz Rodriguez, Sean Stolzen, Luis Fernando Padillo, Louis Rocky Bacigalupo, Caleb M.A. Short, Shepsi Halder, Giordan Diaz, Connor Dylan, Nathaniel Ansbach, Barbara Moonsammy.

The film will be released on Demand and on Digital platforms on April 7 from Random Media.