Indie Action Spotlight – March 2020


New Month…New Logo…and it’s time for this month’s Indie Action Spotlight, your source for the latest in stunt reels and short films. So let’s get started!

This month’s Indie Highlight Clip goes to Team Red and their latest short film, Zodiac City.

Martial law has taken over the city where weapons are strictly prohibited. Sifu Samo is attempting to run his family’s dojo with integrity and honor in a city where hand to hand combat is the new definition of street justice.

Sifu Samo’s former students have now branched off as gang enforcers. which have become the dominant threat in a city where criminal perseverance is the new normal. Betrayal, corruption and anarchy plague the city unleashing animalistic clashes between rival syndications which has evolved Martial Arts for a new generation.

Sifu Samo must now confront his long time adversary Master Tai-ren after a anonymous package destroys his family’s dojo along with some of his best pupils. Witness the extreme martial arts of the Zodiac in this epic showdown of Tiger vs Dragon.To survive these streets you must release your inner beast…..This is Zodiac City.

The film stars Samuel Joon Lee and Tarell Kota Bullock; directed by Travis Davis, with fight choreography by Lee, Bullock, and Joseph Le.

Here are this month’s selected Stunt Reels:

Finally, here are this month’s selected Short Films

And that’s this month’s Indie Action Spotlight. I hope everyone is staying safe during this trying time. We return to the normal schedule in April, so if you have a stunt reel and/or short film you would like to submit, send an email over to with the subject Indie Action Spotlight and provide links to your videos.

The deadline for April’s Indie Action Spotlight is April 2, 2020.

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