“Witchblade” Stars Reunite for a “Run”

Witchblade‘s Yancy Butler and David Chokachi are reuniting and this time, they are going on an Emerald Run in the trailer for this upcoming indie action thriller.


An ensemble cast leads the way in this film, in which John Thomas (Chokachi) ventures on a desert excursion orchestrated by his questionably righteous father in law. Though reluctant at first, the exacerbating toll of his daughter’s medical condition forces John to seek recompense across the border. Throughout his journey, John encounters various characters that raise new conflicts, both internally and externally, allowing him to reflect on his relationships with those he left back home and find inspiration in the one long gone.

Michael Pare, Steven Williams, Vernon Wells, John Schneider, and Chris Mulkey join Butler and Chokachi in the film, which is directed by Eric Etebari and written by Anthony and Marialisa Caruso. The film is coming to select theaters on February 21 by Magnificat Media and Avail Entertainment.

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