Well, it’s just about the end of 2019, and as an early Christmas present, WorldFilmGeek is bringing to everyone the Top 20 Films of 2019. Now, with a whopping 130 films seen this year, I was unable to see films like Joker, Knives Out, Jumanji: The Next Level, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by the time this list was compiled. However, come 2020 I will plan to see this. However, out of the 130 films seen this year, we are doing another Top 20.

So what are we waiting for? Oh right the Disclaimer…

All films in this list is solely based on the opinion of WorldFilmGeek. As a fellow film blogger, I have complete respect for other top film lists from my fellow bloggers and critics. In that case, just read and enjoy.


#20 – Project Ithaca (Director: Nicholas Humphries)
A very well-made Canadian sci-fi thriller involves alien abduction with a major twist: six people’s fears are the power source for the ship’s ability to fly and in another added twist, the people come from various time periods! That’s just completely unheard of, but led by James Gallanders, the victims must overcome their fears if they wish to defeat the aliens.


#19 – Extreme Job (Director: Lee Byeong-Heon)
This Korean action-comedy revolves around a group of undercover cops who are forced to buy the fried chicken restaurant they are holding a stakeout in and find themselves caught between booming business and doing their mission of capturing the bad guys. Kevin Hart himself likes the film so much that he’s planning to produce and potential star in a Hollywood remake.


#18 – Clownado (Director: Todd Sheets)
Sounds like the most ridiculous title since well, Sharknado. However, fans of old school practical over the top horror FX will enjoy this tale of revenge-seeking clowns who are cursed and brought back to life via tornado to go on a massive killing spree.


#17 – Bloodline (Director: Henry Jacobson)
Say what you will about Seann William Scott. This could be his breakout from his usual comic shtick as he plays an unhinged high school guidance counselor who becomes a serial killer. The targets? The deadbeat dads of some of his abused students. Some very intricate twists come in during the second half of the film that are jaw-dropping and shocking.


#16 – Tone-Deaf (Director: Richard Bates Jr.)
This is a well-made meshing of horror and comedy, the former in the form of Robert Patrick’s unhinged and internally dormant renter who finally unleashes his thirst to kill while the latter comes in the form of Amanda Crew’s also unhinged but smart-alecky protagonist, who finds herself in a complete spiral of chaos.


#15 – Love is Blind (Directors: Monty Whitebloom and Andy Delaney)
A tale of two “blind” people, one who is physically blind and the other, one who thinks the world is blind to him, meeting and eventually falling in love, much to the chagrin of the psychiatrist who brought them together. Matthew Broderick and Chloe Sevigny make the most of their extended cameos, but Shannon Tarbet and Aidan Turner are wonderful as our star-crossed couple.


#14 – Fighting with My Family (Director: Stephen Merchant)
The story of former WWE superstar and British wrestling icon Saraya-Jade Bevis, also known as Paige, comes to life in this dramedy. Driven by the lead performance of Florence Pugh, this is the tale of a dream that despite its struggles, comes true with an excellent performance by Dwayne Johnson playing himself, who is also Paige’s mentor when it comes to her branching out on her own.


#13 – Gwen (Director: William McGregor)
Underneath the surface of what sounds like a horror film, this is more of a haunting indie film about a teenager who comes to grips with reality when her father is away and her mother is stricken with illness amidst her family farm being threatened by mine owners, who resort to methods to wipe the family out that only trigger haunting experiences and dark secrets.


#12 – Rapid Eye Movement (Director: Peter Bishai)
A radio DJ, in a last ditch move to save his job, decides to attempt to break the world record for days without sleep live on-air as a fundraiser for Spinal Muscular Dystrophy. That is, until a mysterious caller gives him an ultimatum: break the record and raise $5 million dollars, or he will die. Some very emotional performances drive the film that leads to a very shocking conclusion.


#11 – Midsommar (Director: Ari Aster)
Director Ari Aster follows up his very haunting and renowned Hereditary with this tale of a group of college students who go to Sweden to attend a Midsummer festival in a remote commune, only to learn they will fall victim to a pagan cult. Florence Pugh leads the film as a very broken woman who makes one last attempt to connect with her boyfriend, with potentially dangerous results. This is one very disturbing film, especially the nearly 3-hour director’s cut.


#10 – Satanic Panic (Director: Chelsea Stardust)
Written by Grady Hendrix, co-founder of the New York Asian Film Festival and the man behind the novel Horrorstör, this is a wild ride of a film about a pizza delivery girl whose last job of the night just happens to be in a home full of Satanists, led by Rebecca Romijn, who makes her horror film debut here. Some insane comic gags and horror FX make this one a fun flick for the fans to see.


#9 – The Banana Splits Movie (Director: Danishka Esterhazy)
When this was first announced, there was a “WTF” vibe in the air. However, this is better than expected as the film takes a somewhat Five Nights at Freddy’s approach, with the Hanna-Barbera characters becoming reprogrammed robots who go on a massive killing spree when they learn their show is being cancelled.


#8 – Avengement (Director: Jesse V. Johnson)
The iconic action star-director team of Scott Adkins and Jesse V. Johnson make the #8 for the second year in a row (Accident Man was the #8 film of 2018). The story of British prisoner Cain Burgess seeking revenge for his frame-up and brutality in prison is one amazing piece of work that highlights some brutal action scenes with an amazing story of revenge.


#7 – Daniel Isn’t Real (Director: Adam Egypt Mortimer)
Just because of you have a famous last name, doesn’t mean you are obligated to follow in your family’s footsteps. Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of action icon Arnold, breaks out in the titular role of the haunting imaginary friend of a college student who re-appears and causes all sorts of hell for him. This can be described as Drop Dead Fred on LSD.


#6 – 3 from Hell (Director: Rob Zombie)
Completing his saga involving the Firefly Family, this third installment, following House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, marked the final film appearance of the legendary Sid Haig, who left us in September, shortly after the film’s release. In this film, Otis and Baby are now joined by their half-brother Foxy on a road trip to Hell after escaping prison in hopes to find peace. But this is the Firefly family so what did you expect?


#5 – The VelociPastor (Director: Brendan Steere)
Yes…this is exactly what the title indicates. A Man of God is cursed and when evil arrives, turns into a man-eating dinosaur. Sounds ridiculous, but it is a lot of fun. Especially in the third and final act, which takes a page from the cult classic Miami Connection.


#4 – Avengers: Endgame (Directors: Joe and Anthony Russo)
The film did what it had hoped…it unseated Avatar as the highest grossing film in box office history. The final chapter of the Infinity Saga is both exciting and tear-jerking. Five years after the events of Infinity War, the Marvel heroes must find a way to undo the chaos Thanos had unleashed and it may take time travel, and some sacrifices, to achieve the impossible.


#3 – Plus One (Directors: Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer)
This film about two best friends who decide to become each other’s “plus one” during a summer full of weddings is both emotional and hilarious. Maya Erskine breaks out as the very blunt female friend while Jack Quaid plays the commitment-reluctant male friend. Their chemistry is the reason to see this film.


#2 – Along Came the Devil II (Director: Jason DeVan)
Last year, the original film was #5 on WFG’s Top 20. This sequel really brings more into the film, which once again brings to mind The Exorcist, but adds an even more twist in the form of another iconic horror film. The DeVan clan really gives it their all both in front and behind the cameras, making this sequel much more compelling and insane than the original.

The Number 1 Film of 2019 goes to…

Kathryn Upside Down (Director: Allie Loukas)
It is films like this that make people miss the good ol’ comedies of the 1980s and we mean those from the legendary John Hughes. “Jill of all trades” Loukas makes this film, about a woman who finally meets her birth father in the craziest of circumstances, her love letter to the late Hughes. A great depth of emotion, hilarious off-beat supporting characters, and a bit of a Cinderella-like tale, makes this indie comedy WFG’s #1 Film of 2019.

And there you have it…the top 20 out of a whopping 130 films watched in 2019. Stay tuned as 2020 will not only be the 5th anniversary of WFG’s founding, but something special is being planned for the end of next year…something everyone can take part in!

On that note, WorldFilmGeek wishes everyone to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020!