Hill Out, Dano to Play Riddler in “The Batman”

Riddle me this…Who will be the new Riddler?

This week, it was announced that after some early negotiations, Jonah Hill has opted not to join the cast of the upcoming film The Batman. Rumors have emerged that he would have played The Riddler, aka Edward Nygma, should he have signed. But have no fear, as a new actor has emerged in talks to take the role.

Respected indie actor and filmmaker Paul Dano, who since his film debut in 2000’s The Newcomers, has made a reputation for himself as one of the top young actors today, is now in negotiations to play Nygma, a master quizmeister if you will, who constantly challenges our hero with a series of well, riddles. The late Frank Gorshin played the character in the 1966-68 series, followed by Jim Carrey‘s impressive turn on the big screen in 1995’s Batman Forever, followed by Corey Michael Smith on the prequel series Gotham.

If Dano signs, he will be the third official cast member alongside Robert Pattinson, who will play Bruce Wayne and his titular alter ego; and the recently cast Zoe Kravitz, who takes on the role of Selina Kyle and her alter ego, Catwoman.

The Batman comes to theaters on June 25, 2021.

H/T: Variety

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