Get ready for these Bad Guys to invade Los Angeles tonight then next week nationwide.

The South Korean action thriller The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos makes its U.S. debut tonight at the CGV Cinemas in Buena Park and Los Angeles, then next Friday, it will be released in select theaters nationwide.


When a prison bus unexpectantly overturns, releasing dozens of convicted felons, the police only have one option; to reunite the “Special Crime Unit”. The top secret “Special Crime Unit” is unlike the others as it uses current inmates to track down the fugitives who escaped during the bus crash. Chief of the ‘Special Crime Unit’, Oh Gu-tak, knows exactly which convicts to recruit for this mission. He seeks out an unlikely crew consisting of a former gangster, Park Woong-chul, whom he had worked with before, a con artist, Kwak No-soon, and a convicted cop, Ko Yoo-sung in the new and improved team. With new blood, the ‘Bad Guys’ are stronger and tougher than ever. As the case progresses, the ‘Bad Guys’ realize something much bigger is at play and must figure out how to bring down the crime ring once and for all.

Don Lee (aka Ma Dong-Seok), who will be in Marvel’s Eternals, stars alongside Kim Sang-Joong, Kim A-Joong, and Jang Ki-YongSon Young-Ho directed the film for CJ Entertainment and Bidangil Pictures.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check out the film when it premieres tonight at the CGV Cinemas at Buena Park and Los Angeles, then on September 20, the film will be released nationwide in select theaters.