If you don’t know Matthias Hues, then it’s time you did as the German-born actor is set to release his memoir about his extensive film career.

Titled Shirtless in Hollywood, the book explores Hues’ thirty-plus years in the entertainment industry, where he took on the likes of Dolph Lundgren in Dark Angel aka I Come in Peace; Bolo Yeung in TC2000; and Cynthia Rothrock in his film debut, No Retreat No Surrender II: Raging Thunder. Hues shares some wild behind the scenes stories and why he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“Welcome to my world in Hollywood. A world that I had set out to conquer with my eyes on the prize to become a movie star. A road traveled and spiked with events and hair raising experiences that make you wonder? Would you believe that there is a catch when the most potent deal maker in Hollywood says to you that you will be the most significant action star in Hollywood?”

Shirtless in Hollywood: The Battle for Hollywood will be released and available on September 1 on Amazon.