It’s the first Friday of the Month! That means it’s time for the Indie Action Spotlight, your monthly source of the latest short films and stunt reels involving some of today’s indie action favorites.

This month’s Highlight Clip of the Month is a fight short called Jamais Deux Sans Trois (Never Two Without Three), directed by Godfrey Ryckewart. In this short, two men attempt to woo a female runner only for her to not take their advances and fight back.

This month’s selected Stunt Reels

And finally this month’s selected Short Films

And there you have it…this month’s Indie Action Spotlight. If you have a short action film and/or stunt reel you want to submit, send an e-mail over to worldfilmgeek@gmail.com with the subject “Indie Action Spotlight” and send your links.

The deadline for September’s Indie Action Spotlight is September 5, 2019.