Udo Kier is one of the greatest cinematic legends in the world. Chances are you have seen him in a film in his prolific 40-plus year career. Having done films all over the world would be an understatement in terms of his performances. In 2012, Kier took on the role of Mondfuhrer Wolfgang Kortzfleisch in the cult hit Iron Sky. Now, coming to theaters, VOD, and Digital this Friday, Kier returns as Kortzfleisch and has a second role as the original Fuhrer himself, Adolf Hitler, in the sequel Iron Sky: The Coming Race.


World Film Geek had the opportunity to talk to Kier about returning to the “Iron Sky”.

Udo Kier as Vril Adolf Hitler in Iron Sky: The Coming Race (Vertical Entertainment)

Udo, I am excited and proud to be talking to you as I am a fan of your films. I loved Iron Sky and I was more excited to see you play not one, but two roles in The Coming Race.
It was great because we had done the first film and it was a major hit in Europe. So, Timo Vuorensola, the film’s director, approached me about coming back for the sequel. Originally, I was to have come back as Kortzfleisch. But, now they were going to include Adolf Hitler in the film and I told Timo that I wanted to do the role. I live in Palm Springs and I have my dog, named Blondie. I convinced Timo to give my dog a role in the film and I would be responsible for it. Timo thought it was a great idea, so I got to have my dog in the film. But, what I really liked about Hitler in the script is that I got to ride a T-Rex, something I never had done in my career (laughs).

It is a bit physically demanding because you have to learn to ride a certain way and get the right movements along. We shot in studios, one in Finland and one in Belgium. What was interesting about both studios is that when we arrived, all the walls were green. And it is because there was the technology to make it look like we were in space and yes, I had a great time doing the roles.

Udo Kier and Lara Rossi in Iron Sky: The Coming Race (Vertical Entertainment)

Aside from Julia Dietze being the only other returnee from the original film, you got to work mainly with new cast members like Lara Rossi, Vladimir Bulakov, and Tom Green. What were they like on the set?
They were fantastic! When you’re making Hollywood films, it’s a very different star system than when you’re doing an independent film. We stayed in the same hotel, got to hang out a lot on and off the set. We were always ready to shoot. If I like a person, I love to be hanging out with them and if I don’t like a person, I’d rather avoid them (laughs).

Did director Timo Vuorensola give you free reign on how to bring both of your characters to life?
When we did the original Iron Sky, Timo appraoched me as he was a big fan of my films. So, when I took the role on, if I came up with an idea, he would listen. If he came up with an idea, I would listen. We collaborated very well on the original film and we did it again with this one, so it was a very good collaboration.

And I’m happy to say we worked together again on a new Iron Sky film called The Ark, which China helped finance. I play a new character, the Grand Master, and we shot the film in Beijing. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope people will get to see it soon.

Well, you not only play the returning Kortzfleisch (right), but now you are also Adolf Hitler (left). Did you prefer playing one over the other or did you enjoy them both equally?
Well, I had to play the roles differently. Playing two roles isn’t easy. I’ve played Hitler before a few times, but it was mainly for comical purposes and in a way, I had to do it again here. When you are doing multiple roles, it can be daunting at times. But, I had a lot of fun playing Kortzfleisch and his brother, the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

You have shown no signs of slowing down. What can fans expect to see you next in?
I did a movie in Brazil called Bacurau, that premiered at Cannes a few weeks ago. I have another film that will debut at the Venice Film Festival next week. I am actually in Ohio right now shooting a film called The Swan Song, and today is actually my day off (laughs). The film stars Tye Sheridan as my son. I did a film called American Exit that was released in May and one earlier this year called American Animals. I’m still making movies and enjoying them.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is coming this Friday, July 19. Any fan of the original film will be excited to see Udo not only returning as Kortzfleisch, but also the Vril Hitler. Thank you so much Udo for taking the time to talk about the film.
Thank you for having me! Take care!

A Special Thank You goes out to Katrina Wan PR and Udo Kier for making this interview possible.