A blind man and police officer must unite to take on a zombie outbreak in this Canadian thriller from director Jesse Thomas Cook.

Waking up in an ambulance, Ben Neilson has been blinded but upon his awakening, he has discovered that the ambulance has stopped moving. When he attempts to leave the ambulance, he finds himself under attack by a zombie. He is able to evade the zombie and makes an attempt to call for help. However, he feels there is no one able to respond as he now begins to feel the worst is about to happen.

Enter Mara Madigan, a Toronto police officer who is expecting. She has heard the call and en route, she encounters a woman who has been infected. At first, the woman is resistant until the virus takes over and out of fear, the woman flees the scene. Soon enough, Ben and Mara meet in an abandoned house. Ben knows that Mara is pregnant as he has had experience with his wife being pregnant. Both are worried about what has happened, but they know the only way they can survive is by working together throughout the night.

You have to appreciate the zombie genre of the horror film. So many ideas can be done using this genre and while there are some that will rehash a certain film such as the case with Night of the Living Dead, there are others that bring something new to the genre. This Canadian thriller is an example of bringing something a bit fresh to the genre.

The team of Liv Collins and Adam Seybold are the focal point of the film as two flawed characters who suffer from some sort of medical setback. Collins, who also co-wrote the film with Kevin Revie, plays Mara, a police officer who is expecting and obviously the stress is expected to potentially take its toll on her and her unborn child. Seybold is Ben, who because of an accident is partially blinded and spends much of the film with his eyes covered. However, when he does take off his bandages, he is able to partially see what comes in front of him, taking away any sort of Bird Box-style elements. There is no predictability when it comes to these two main characters. In other words, don’t expect any sort of romantic angle, because it’s all about two flawed characters who must work together to survive.

The special effects are pretty good and do not go over the top as expected in most zombie films. There are moments of gore yes, but it’s over done in a bucket of blood style. The infected look quite nasty and in the cases of some characters, they actually talk before the virus does a complete take over of the body. This comes in the case of a young woman who Mara approaches in one of her opening scenes while Ben himself is nearly killed but a hunter who is later infected and confronts the hunter’s cousin, who engages him in conversation before he himself slowly becomes infected. The finale brings a sense of predictability but still comes together as a fitting end in this tale of survival.

Deadsight may bring a bit of predictability but also adds something fresh to the zombie film. Some great performances by the lead duo of Liv Collins and Adam Seybold help drive the film in this tale of survival.


RLJE Films and Raven Banner Entertainment presents a Foresight Pictures production. Director: Jesse Thomas Cook. Producers: Jesse Thomas Cook, Liv Collins, John Geddes, and Matt Wiele. Writers: Liv Collins and Kevin Revie. Cinematography: Jeff Maher. Editing: Jesse Thomas Cook.

Cast: Liv Collins, Adam Seybold, Ry Barrett, Jessica Van Ouwenkerk, Charles Ivey, Barry More, Dan Herrick.