“Cops” Set to Invade the U.S. on May 10

These two sisters-in-law are ready to take on the case.


Making its U.S. debut in Los Angeles this Friday (May 10) is the Korean action-comedy Miss & Mrs. Cops, which stars Ra Mi-Ran and Lee Sung-Kyoung as two police officers who are also sisters-in-law who take on a high profile case no one wanted.

In the film, two sisters-in-law (Mi-Young and Ji-hye) who work together at the police department find themselves in the middle of a suicide case when a young woman throws herself in front of a bus while the two are on duty. Mi-young and Ji-hye find out that the woman is the victim of a digital sex crime and her sex video is scheduled to be released online in 48 hours. When all the other departments refuse to take the case, the sisters-in-law open their own investigation into the case.

Yoon Sang-Hyun, Choi Soo-Young, and Yeom Hye-Ran co-star in the film. Jung Da-Won directed the film, his second feature film. The film makes its debut this week at the CGV Theaters in Los Angeles and Buena Park followed by a limited nationwide release on May 17.

CJ Entertainment USA distributes the film for its upcoming release, which was produced by Film Momentum.

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