It’s the 1st Friday of the Month so that can only mean one thing…it’s time for the Indie Action Spotlight, your source of short action films and a selection of stunt reels of some awesome talent!

This month’s Highlight Clip of the Month goes to the gang at Martial Club with the funny short entitled “When You Watch Too Much Anime”. It’s hilarious seeing MC member Andy Le referencing Naruto, Death Note, and a very particular meme from a 1980’s classic anime.

Here are this month’s Stunt Reel selections:

Finally, here are this month’s selected Short Films:

And that’s this month’s Indie Action Spotlight! If you would like to be a part of the Indie Action Spotlight, submit your short film or showreel to worldfilmgeek@gmail.com with “Indie Action Spotlight” in the subject line, and provide some information about the film or the subject of the showreel. As an alternative, you can send WFG a message via Twitter.

The deadline for June’s IAS is June 6, 2019!