Indie filmmaker Franklin Correa returns with a vengeance in this homage of 80’s action B-movies with a twist of Carpenter.

Santos is a crazy sadistic man who forces innocent victims to compete in a hunting game involving his assassins. He has found the next target for his hunt in the form of Conroy Jenkins, a martial artist and survival expert who spends his days FBI agents in the arts of self-defense. When Santos picks Conroy and Conroy refuses, Santos begins a cat-and-mouse game that is set to take some deadly consequences.

Santos send his group to begin hurting those Conroy cares about, including his student and friend John and when his girlfriend Stacey is kidnapped, Conroy finds himself having no other choice but to get engaged in the deadly game. But he’s going to need some help to stop Santos and his five assassins to ensure his life and his girlfriend’s life and to do so, he will rely on two of his students to help him in the game.

Franklin Correa, the New Jersey-based filmmaker and martial artist, has been enjoying making his action films and has made a name for himself as a top indie filmmaker. He has delved into meshing various genres with his martial arts skills. However, those who would expect Correa’s films to feature flashy style action will be disappointed. A Ninjitsu expert, Correa resorts to using more grounded choreography and this film proves no different. However, Correa also gets to do some nifty knife fighting in the film and there is some gunplay in the film as well. Correa’s action is quite fun to watch as it brings a more realistic approach to situations. Those who like realism in the fights will enjoy Correa’s choreography.

What about the plot? The plot, taken from the classic The Most Dangerous Game, works quite well and brings shade of one of Correa’s heroes, John Carpenter, someone who influenced his recent film Lyco. Jorge Valentin brings Santos to life as a sadistic madman who gets pleasure out of sending his assassins out to kill in the deadly game. Anissa Smith is good as agent Stacey, who is Conroy’s girlfriend who is kidnapped and yet still holds her own against the madman in verbal confrontations. Alanzo Phillips and Will Fonseca provide excellent support on the action front as Conroy’s trusted allies in the game while Dan Gregory brings a sense of emotion in the role of John, a trainee of Conroy’s who finds himself a somewhat pawn in the game.

Manhunt is a blend of 80s style action and Carpenter-esque storyline fueled by Correa’s visual flair that makes this one of his best yet.


A Newark Films production in association with Valentin Productions. Director: Franklin Correa. Producers: Joe DeIorio, John Piekos, Seneca Robinson, and Legend Damion Simmons. Writer: Franklin Correa. Cinematography: Franklin Correa. Editing: John Piekos.

Cast: Franklin Correa, Jorge Valentin, Anissa Smith, Will Fonseca, Alanzo Phillips, Dan Gregory, Farid Jamal Khan, Rouge Rose, Dayveonne Bussey, Frankie J. Quinones, Kayla Torres, Harold B. Gibson, Victoria Amber, Legion Damion Simmons, Scarlett LeNoir.