Full Moon Features is gearing up for a new adventure in their foray into the horror genre.

The company has announced that they will produce ten original horror films that will be live-streamed in front of fans. Known collectively as the Deadly Ten, these brand new films will include sequels in some of Full Moon’s prolific catalogue.

The ten films that will make up The Deadly Ten will be:

Deadly 10 banner c

  • Blade: The Iron Cross, to be directed by John Lechago
  • Bride of the Head of the Family, to be directed by Full Moon founder Charles Band
  • Necropolis: Legion, to be directed by Chris Alexander
  • Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama II, to be directed by the duo of David DeCoteau and Brinke Stevens
  • Blood Rise: Subspecies V, to be directed by Ted Nicolaou
  • Halloweed Night, to be directed by Danny Draven
  • The Hourglass, to be directed by Ryan Brookhart
  • Femalien: Cosmic Crush, to be directed by Lindsey Schmitz
  • The Shadowheart Curse, to be directed by Charles Band
  • The Grim Rapper, to be directed by Billy Butler

So what exactly is the plan with The Deadly Ten, it is basically the film being shot in front of fans, giving them all access to the magic of moviemaking. Band had this to say about this new concept:

“This is one of the most exciting Full Moon production initiatives since our ’90s video store heyday. It’s ambitious, high concept, a bit insane and there’s never been another interactive filmmaking concept quite like this. As Full Moon thrives in the new terrain of streaming and takes viewers to places not many have gone before, we hope fans will love being a part of our new adventure!”

Principal photography is set to begin this June and premiere on February 14, 2020 exclusively on Amazon Prime and Full Moon streaming. For more information, go to www.DeadlyTen.com.