Seven stories interconnect all around in this comedy-drama from star, writer, and director Liam O Mochain.

Daniel Morris is a young man who only had one job, a weekend job at a failing Irish pub. That is, until his mother gets him a job at the local train station she works in during the weekdays. Daniel works at the lost and found area of the station with veteran Joe, who pines for Daniel’s mother, who often ignores his advances. Daniel finds his life changing in many ways while working at the train station, and not only does his life change, but those who are close to him or those he has connected with also go through some changes as well.

Eddie O’Donnell is a man who constantly asks for money for train tickets, changing his story about his wife and daughter. Maya is a ticket inspector who constantly sees Eddie and knows his true story. Gabriel, Daniel’s best friend, is planning to propose to his girlfriend Síle, but finds himself in a situation he never imagined when they are to jet off for a weekend getaway. Daniel learns of a family secret from his ill grandmother about a missing treasure somewhere in Poland that he decides to try to find to honor her dying wish. Upon his return, Daniel makes a mistake, but eventually, it is one that will change his life in a more positive fashion in the long run and one that happens so unexpectedly.

Sometimes, when it comes to many stories interconnecting, the results aren’t quite outstanding and become quite a bore. However, Irish actor/filmmaker Liam O Mochain knows how to smoothly gel the stories for this film together and make his character of Daniel the one connection that proves to be a factor among the stories. Whether he is an integral part of that particular story or just appear as part of the story to show the viewer that he is visiting another important character in the film, O Mochain does a great job of meshing it all together.

Using both research and personal experiences, O Mochain spent four years bringing everything together and the supporting cast really delve in their roles quite well, whether they have such great chemistry with O Mochain or veer off on their own “adventure”. Liam Carney’s Eddie and Norma Sheahan’s Maya play an integral part of the overall film with the former constantly panhandling and changing stories with Maya sympathizing with him with the latter eventually getting something great for her good deeds. While at first you may not feel for Eddie because of his habit, once his real story comes out, you can’t but really feel for the guy and can understand why Maya becomes such an important person in his life.

While there are beats of drama in terms of Eddie and Maya’s story, there are some hilarious beats as well, such as in the case of the proposal story of Gabriel, played by Seamus Hughes, and Síle, played by Aoibhin Garrihy and a story revolving around Daniel’s weekend job at a bar run by Pudge, who just can’t seem to keep any customers and attempts to change themes as a result. The ending to the latter story may bring a sense of shock but does offer something funny while the finale to the film puts everything together in perspective and brings a real “feel good” vibe to the film.

Lost and Found is a feel-good comedy drama that brings star/filmmaker Liam O Mochain as either a focal point or a connecting factor in a series of stories that interconnect very well thanks in part to his years of hard work.


Gravitas Ventures and Hyper Films presents a Siar A Rachas Muid production in association with Screen Content Ireland. Director: Liam O Moachin. Producers: Liam O Moachin and Bernie Grummell. Writer: Liam O Moachin. Cinematography: Fionn Comerford. Editing: Ciara Brophy.

Cast: Liam O Moachin, Norma Sheahan, Brendan Conroy, Aoibhin Garrihy, Seamus Hughes, Liam Carney, Lynette Callaghan, Barbara Adair, Diarmund Noyes, Olga Wehrly, Mary McEvoy, Paul Daly.