With the rousing success of Bohemian Rhapsody, it is time for another legend to get his own biopic and that is none other than Elton John with the official trailer for Rocketman.

In the biopic, Reginald Denny was a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music when he decides to change his name to Elton John as he meets his kindred spirit Bernie Taupin, who becomes his songwriting collaborator and goes through personal struggles on the road to global stardom.

Taron Egerton takes on the role of Elton John himself with Jamie Bell cast as Taupin. The film reunites Egerton with Dexter Fletcher, who directed Egerton in another biopic, Eddie the Eagle.

To prove Egerton has the chops musically, check out this performance of Egerton and John doing a duet at last night’s AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party. The duo performed John’s hit “Tiny Dancer”.

In addition, Egerton performed John’s hit song “I’m Still Standing” when he played Johnny in the hit animated film Sing!

Rocketman comes to theaters on May 31 from Paramount Pictures.