A new Chucky is coming this summer and the trailer to the reboot has been unleashed!

Keep in mind that this will be a reboot to only the original 1988 film. This does not have anything to do with the current Chucky saga as creator Don Mancini has not onyl denounced this film, but is continuing his original saga in the form of upcoming SyFy series Chucky.

In the new Child’s Play reboot, directed by Lars Klevberg, the Kaslan Company’s new smart doll BUDDI is the new toy of the future. However, when Karen Barclay gives her son Andy a BUDDI doll for Christmas, they are unaware that a disgruntled employee of the company has reprogrammed this particular doll, named Chucky, to start a hellacious killing spree.

Aubrey Plaza, Bryan Tyree McHenry, and Gabriel Bateman star in the new Child’s Play, set for release on June 21st by MGM under their rebranded United Artists Releasing.