Charmed’s Brian Krause unleashes a hell like no other in this action-horror hybrid that shows potential to become a franchise.

Detective Damien Seryph has been plagued with strange visions lately. His latest case, with partner Frank Reynolds, involves a ritualistic murder. As Damien and Frank struggle to solve this case, the killers responsible are part of a deadly cult who have an intention on bringing back the Four Demon Kings from Hell. The one in charge of the murders is Ian Parrish, who is doing what he can to appease his father, Tarek, who is hoping along with some fellow elders that Ian will be able to succeed.

Meanwhile, as the body count begins to rise, Damien’s visions begin to grow stronger. He begins to lack sleep and becomes more involved in the case. Frank, worried about his partner, informs Damien that the chief has taken him off the case when he begins to search crime scenes without following procedure. Damien soon learns something bigger is in store for him. He learns that he has powers that are ready to be unleashed upon the cult as he is the direct descendant of Lucifer himself, a hero known as the Demonologist.

The horror genre is quite a fascinating one to work with as many elements from other genres are mixed in to set up the scares. For writer-director J.M. Stelly, he meshes horror in the form of the demon cults with an action/superhero like story that can serve as the original for a potential franchise. The film’s pacing starts out a bit slow but as the tension builds up, it is that tension that makes the film more well-paced and brings in a lot of action towards the finale.

Brian Krause, best known for his roles like Sleepwalkers and of course, Leo on the original Charmed, is great as the titular character, whose origin story is played out as if a graphic novel comes to life. Krause lets his experience do the talking and when halfway through, his powers come fully unleashed for the first time, it is quite jaw-dropping. The good news is that with the power he has, he also knows that for a film of this caliber, he has to let the power manifest, allowing him to do what he can and use the power as a last resort, making all for a potential new action character to unleash.

Jared Bankens, most recently seen as a victim of a certain alien symbiote in Venom, brings mystery to the role of cult leader Ian Parrish. While Ian himself can prove to be deadly, it is revealed that part of the reason for his actions is that he wants to prove himself worthy to his demonic father. Their relationship both serves as a motivator and fear in the eyes of Ian. However, Manon Pages’ Meredith is vicious with her role as Ian’s assistant, who helps him in his actions by using her powers of being a succubus. Meanwhile, Damien has on his side his pastor Victor and in a surprising twist, his wife Abigail, played respectively by Thomas Francis Murphy and Kate Tumanova.

Hopefully set up as a start to a potential action-horror franchise, The Demonologist may start out a little slow, but gets better and is Brian Krause’s chance to become a new brand of unholy hero.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Thriller Films production in association with CS West Productions and Tip-Top Productions. Director: J.M. Stelly. Producers: Justin Jones, Ryan Westheimer, and Zeus Zamani. Writer: J.M. Stelly. Cinematography: Eliot Brasseaux. Editing: J.M. Stelly.

Cast: Brian Krause, Jared Bankens, Dane Rhodes, Kate Tumanova, Manon Pages, Thomas Francis Murphy, Keegan Macy, Kurt DeVille, Shawn Bradley Hoefer.