Intensive Care (2018)



Three robbers are about to meet their match in their target’s live-in nurse in this action packed thriller that marks the lead debut of stunt performer Tara Macken.

Alex has ended her time in the military as part of the Special Forces. She has decided to get her nursing degree in hopes to find a job helping people. A few years has passed and Alex has found a job as the caregiver of elderly woman Claire, who is currently in hospice. A wealthy woman, she has learned her grandson, Danny, is back in town in hopes to get money from her before her passing. She refuses and vows that he will never see another dime even after she passes.

Danny has been in cahoots with local bad boys Seth and Rudy. Seth hatches a plan to rob Claire while she is sleeping one night and conspires Danny to go on a date with Alex as a distraction so he and Rudy can get the money. When Alex agrees to go out with Danny, Seth and Rudy break into Claire’s home. Alex, fearing something could go wrong, returns to the house and after sleeping with Danny, learns that Seth and Rudy are in the home. At first knocked out, Alex is shocked to learn of Danny’s involvement with the robbers. This forces her to unleash her training and go at great lengths to stop this trio of criminals.

When films like this give a chance at a potential new action star, especially a female action hero, then it is something that must be worth taking a look at. Case in point, Amy Johnston. The stunt performer had made her mark on films such as Lady Bloodfight, Female Fight Club, and Accident Man in major roles that allow her to showcase her skills, all while she continues her successful stunt career. This film gives the chance to show another renowned stunt performer her chance to shine and her name is Tara Macken.

Macken, who had appeared in films such as Ninja Apocalypse, may be better known as a stunt performer these days, but this film gives her a shot at becoming a bankable action star and the 79-minute runtime allows her to do just that. As Alex, the film opens with her at a local gym where she trains and then finds herself challenged by former fellow military, led by Tekken’s Darrin Henson. The film then shifts into the core plot of the film, where she is the caregiver who soon becomes the protector, unleashing her martial arts and survival skills against our trio of robbers. Kudos goes to fight choreographer Mark Parra for allowing Macken to showcase her martial arts skills in a variety of different environments.

Kevin Sizemore plays the maniacal mastermind behind the robberies while Jose Rosete is more or less, the muscle of the group, Rudy, who like Alex, is a former military officer. However, it is Jai Rodriguez’s Danny who has the most issues. He only agrees to be in on the robbery as a means of revenge against his grandmother. However, throughout the film, he feels conflicted at times at whether he was right to betray Alex the way he did or whether he really is there for the money. It is a bit confusing at times but allows Danny to use his moral compass at times when he thinks he needs it. It does help that there is a major twist within the last ten minutes and a mid-credit sequence that puts everything in place, putting an end to the confusion.

Intensive Care is an intense action thriller that starts out slow, but in a good way as it builds up to an action packed set piece with Tara Macken leading the way as a potential action star in the making.


High Octane Pictures presents an Engenius production in association with GKG Productions. Director: Jared Bentley. Producers: Randy Bobbitt, Rebecca DeLuca, Kevin Sizemore, and Peter Rimac. Writers: Jared Bentley, Darrin Scane, and Eric Storlie. Cinematography: Steven Priovolos. Editing: Jared Bentley.

Cast: Tara Macken, Jai Rodriguez, Kevin Sizemore, Jose Rosete, Leslie Easterbrooke, Darrin Henson, Gunnar Sizemore, Austin Pollard, Mihaela Gavrila.


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