Kevin McCallister is back and now, he’s in the City that Never Sleeps in this hilarious sequel to the modern Christmas classic!

The McCallister family are heading for a vacation to Florida for their next Christmas vacation. However, once again on the night before they are set to leave, an incident at a Christmas concert causes Kevin to confront his older brother Buzz in front of the entire audience. Despite a phony apology from Buzz, Kevin doesn’t believe a word of it and is ready to face the consequences. This time around, Kevin does make it to the airport with the family only an incident involving changing batteries for his Walkman lands him on the wrong plane.

While the family are in Florida, Kevin ends up in New York City. This time, Kevin uses recordings to make his way to the Plaza Hotel, where he dupes the staff thinking he is with his father. However, Kevin soon learns he is not the only one there as those bumbling thieves Marv and Harry have also made their way to New York after escaping from prison. They intend to steal money from a local toy store. When Marv and Harry learn Kevin is in New York, they do what they can to exact revenge but continuously fail. Kevin soon decides to hatch a plan of his own, using the currently renovated house of his uncle to stop Marv and Harry again.

It was clear that when the first Home Alone was a smash hit in 1990, it comes as no surprise that there would be a sequel. While the film is set one year after the first film, the viewer didn’t get to see it for two years after the first. However, as with the first film, the magic is still there with some great performances from the cast.

Macauley Culkin’s Kevin continues to be the driving force of the film as he has somewhat matured, even doing what no one else expected to ever or dared to do and that is, in a precursor of things to come, go off on his stingy uncle after he is confronted by him about their upcoming trip. It’s perhaps what the rest of the family were thinking, but Kevin is the one who said it. With that said, Kevin’s solo trip gives him a chance again to enjoy that freedom he longed for but in a turn of events, is confronted by some old “friends” in the duo of Marv and Harry, once again played by Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci.

Pesci once again becomes the “brains” of the duo with Stern the bumbling one. Add to the mix the legendary Tim Curry as the Plaza Hotel manager, who has his suspicions about Kevin when he doesn’t see his father. Rob Schneider adds to the laughs as Cecil, the local bellboy who gets his own version of a “tip” from Kevin. Along with Pesci and Stern, Curry gets in the fun as the victims of some pranks, including a fake “shower” prank. Of course, the highlight is once again the climax with Kevin turning his uncle’s home into the house of traps against Marv and Harry that includes some help from a homeless woman he befriends while in Central Park. As with the original, the film also involves Catherine O’Hara’s Kate learning of Kevin not being with them and heads to New York to find her son.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York continues the fun and laughs for the holiday season with Macauley Culkin and company continuing the laughs in the most imaginative of ways.


20th Century Fox presents a Hughes Entertainment production. Director: Chris Columbus. Producer: John Hughes. Writer: John Hughes. Cinematography: Julio Macat. Editing: Raja Gosnell.

Cast: Macauley Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Catherine O’Hara, John Heard, Devin Ratray, Hillary Wolf, Eddie Bracken, Brenda Fricker, Tim Curry, Dana Ivey, Rob Schneider, Kieran Culkin.