The “Leprechaun” Returns in New Official Trailer to New Installment

The Leprechaun has returned and is back to his original hunting ground in the official trailer to a new installment of the horror film franchise.

In Leprechaun Returns, the members of Alpha Upsilon decide to go green and build a new sorority house. When they find an old well to use as a water source, they awaken the titular character who is set to find a pot o’ gold and begin another killing spree.

The film looks to be a direct sequel to the original 1992 film with Mark Holton returning to the role of the nerdish Ozzie. However, Warwick Davis has been replaced by Little Man body double Linden Porco in the titular role of the Leprechaun. Steven Kostanki directed from a script by Suzanne Keilly.

Originally meant to air on SyFy, it now looks like Lionsgate is planning to unleash the new Leprechaun Returns in 2019.

H/T: Bloody Disgusting

1 thought on “The “Leprechaun” Returns in New Official Trailer to New Installment

  1. My goodness! Is this supposed to be a comedy or a horror? I think I will enjoy something like that.


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