Surprise Sequel to HK Comedy in Production

Now this was unexpected, but nevertheless good news!

A sequel to the 1999 hit Hong Kong comedy King of Comedy is underway. The original film revolved around an aspiring actor, played by comedy legend Stephen Chow as he rises through the ranks in the film industry while teaching a local bar girl how to act better for her customers, showing a bond between the duo. The film would be a launchpad for Cecilia Cheung while Chow was praised for his performance.

Chow, who since 2009 has taken a back seat from acting to focus behind the scenes, recently completed work on The Mermaid 2, but the film’s visual effects will delay its original Lunar New Year timeslot. Instead, Chow has opted to work right away on King of Comedy 2 only this time, he co-wrote and produced the film.

Herman Yau is directing the sequel with Mainland actor Wang Baoqiang (right) starring in the film, fulfilling a dream of wanting to have worked with Chow. The film’s co-stars include Yao Chen and Jelly Lin, the star of the Mermaid films.

It now looks like King of Comedy 2 will replace The Mermaid 2 in the Lunar New Year timeslot.

H/T: HKSAR Film No Top 10 Box Office

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