It’s that time folks! The first Friday of the month means it’s Indie Action Spotlight time, your monthly fix of stunt reels and short films in the action genre, bringing indie filmmakers to light!

The Highlight Clip of the Month goes to Vlad Rimburg and the cast behind Men in Suits. The film features Mickey Facchinello and Amy Johnston taking on the titular group, led by Aaron Toney. The short film includes Andy and Brian Le of the Martial Club team, former Power Ranger Yoshi Sudarso, and some other stunt/indie favorites.

Here are this month’s selected Stunt Reels:

Hailey Jackson

Narayan Cabral

Shawn Bernal

Lauren Pugh

Shane Daniels

Maria Sova

Finally, here are this month’s selected Short Films

Lucid (Chimera Productions)

Money (AAK Videos/Davy Productions)

SPi (JCP/Perseverantia)

Cut (Almost Great Films)

Shots Fired (Two4One4 Productions)

Thunder Ridge (Patriot Films)

Well, there you have it! This month’s Indie Action Spotlight! If you are interested in submitting your stunt reel and/or short film to the Indie Action Spotlight, shoot (no pun intended) an e-mail over to with your submission.

If you noticed something different, we added IMDB links to our stunt reel performers beginning this month. If you are a stunt performer featured here and have an IMDB page, we want to hear from you! 🙂

The deadline for November’s Indie Action Spotlight is November 1, 2018! Until then, keep on kicking butt and taking names in the name of indie action!