An aspiring musician and a former rock star are about to feel some Dead Envy in the trailer for this upcoming indie film from director Harvey Di Nardo, who also stars in the film.

Dead Envy_Poster

Aging rock artist David Tangier’s sense of identity is all but destroyed as he works cutting hair. His sound and age bind him to the Rock of the 2000’s, where his band ‘Katatonic Spin’ once ruled the scene. David cannot tolerate that his entire existence has fallen prey to the persona of “the has been.” By taking one last long shot at maintaining his integrity, David sets out to organize the follow-up album that he never had the chance to make. When Javy Bates, a mysterious young musical talent shows up for a job at David’s salon, this rocker thinks he has found a solution to his alienation. Initially guarded, Javy soon opens up… to reveal he has an agenda of his own.

The film co-stars Adam Reeser, Samantha Smart, Carla Wynn, Joey Medina, Chrissy Bonilla, and Michael Horvath. Di Nardo also co-wrote the screenplay with Stacey Hullah and is produced by Anderson Boyd and Meghan Weinstein.

Random Media is releasing Dead Envy on August 24th in select theaters before a DVD, Digital HD, and VOD release on September 3rd.