Henson Knows “What Men Want” in Trailer to Gender-Reversal Reboot

In another gender reversal reboot, Taraji P. Henson will learn What Men Want.

With the success of Mel Gibson‘s 2000 comedy What Women Want, which had a Chinese language remake in 2011 with Andy Lau in the Gibson role, it’s now time to reverse the odds with Henson going full speed.

In the film, Ali Davis is a sports agent who loses her dream position to a man. She finds herself always out of the box until a meeting with a mysterious woman and a freak accident at a nightclub leads her to be given the ability to read men’s inner thoughts.

The film co-stars Brian Bosworth, Tracy Morgan, Max Greenfield, Tamala Jones, and Aldis Hodge. Adam Shankman directed the film based on Nancy Meyers‘ original film. Meyers directed the original 2000 film.

What Men Want is due for release on January 11, 2019 from Paramount Pictures.

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