Franklin Correa is returning in 2019 for a new action thriller and this time, he’s in a Manhunt.

The New Jersey-based indie filmmaker and martial artist is planning a return with Manhunt, which co-stars Jorge Valentin, Anissa Smith, Will Fonseca, and Alanzo Phillips.

Martial artist & survivalist Conroy Jenkins is offered a job by the FBI to train there trainees in close-quarter combat in order to survive in the worst of situations. But the past comes back to haunt him when in illegal arms dealer by the name of Santos, a madman with a settle the score throws Conroy into a deadly game of cat and mouse pitting him against a group of assassins while holding his girlfriend hostage. Now with the help of two of his trainees Burgos and Lacey, he must play the deadly game and face Santos one on one finally putting an end to this ordeal.

Manhunt is set to be released in 2019. Thanks to Franklin Correa for bringing this news!