There’s a new brand of killer in this sci-fi thriller from director Matt Osterman and it is one that people today tend to either play with or have some sort of fear with.

Vastgrow, a corporation, have come up with a new design of drones that will help the agricultural farmland as it tends to be attacked. The drones are meant to serve as a means of defense against those who threaten the farms. In the midst of the announcement of these new drones, there are farmers who have been dying under mysterious circumstances. Enter Claudia and John, two people who visit people on their deathbeds to help them feel at peace in their last moments.

Their visit to the farmland leads them to help the family of local farmer Joanna, whose husband is on his deathbed. That night, John finds himself pursued by the drones, who ultimately kill him. When Claudia begins to suspect something is wrong, she finds herself joining up with Joanna and Isaiah, amongst other locals, who are thinking the drones may have something to do with the dying farmers. When their guess turns out to be true, the drones begin an attack against everyone. Will Claudia find a way to uncover the possible conspiracy of the drones’ killing spree or will she be their next victim?

This is quite an interesting film that has to do with something people both enjoy using and sometimes fear. And that is the drone. Drones can be used for fun and there are those who fear drones could be some sort of government tool meant to surveillance everyone and while its been used for those practical purposes, there are those who fear that drones could be used for means from the NSA. This film takes the more latter approach but in terms of a corporation promising to help the agriculture by using drones as a means of defense.

The drones here may seem like defense but they ultimately seem to go out of control and begin a killing spree, where they force their victims in a trance-like state and taking a Scanners-like approach into making heads explode. However, they also affect the wellbeing of the local farmers and it is up to the heroes to find out why and that’s where the approach for using drones come in in terms of horror stories.

Cleopatra Coleman did a good job doing double duty as both the lead role of Claudia and as the film’s screenwriter. She proves to be not a scream queen, but one who truly fights for what she believes in. As for her screenwriting, she brings a structured storyline in introducing the drones in a commercial and with Matt Osterman’s direction, brings a smooth, structured plot involving the drones and their connection to the farmers’ near deaths. Her character is very interesting in the fact she finds herself without her longtime mentor, John, played by Craig mUms Grant, when he is killed by the drones and yet it is his inspiring words of encouragement heard over and over that molds Claudia into the fighter she eventually becomes.

Shane Coffey’s Isaiah proves himself to be a true ally to Claudia and in a twist of things, not only does he fall for her, but he finds a way to combat the drones and beat them at their own game. However, even with that line of defense, it must be done within a certain amount of time before they can have the ability to destroy the drones. Fabianne Therese, Beth Grant, and Jim Gleason are amongst the locals who help in the drone war and they do a pretty good job as they both are afraid and ready to do what it takes to protect their homes. Rhoda Griffis brings a sense of evil in the role of Vastgrow executive Anna Cook with Leo Fitzpatrick playing Jason, an old friend of Claudia’s who is the CEO of the company and has that sense of greed.

Hover brings some of the “horror stories” of drone use to life and having farmers as the heroes shows that when it comes to protection, despite the use of technology, it’s sometimes better to go old school in terms of destruction. A good performance and script by Cleopatra Coleman and Matt Osterman’s direction make this one to check out.


SyFy Films present a Snowfort Pictures presentation. Director: Matt Osterman. Producers: Claire Skowronek and Travis Stevens. Writer: Cleopatra Coleman. Cinematography: Stuart Brereton and Needham B. Smith. Editing: Frank Foster-Bolton, Matt Osterman, and Zechariah Thormodsgaard.

Cast: Cleopatra Coleman, Shane Coffey, Craig muMs Grant, Fabianne Therese, Rhoda Griffis, Leo Fitzpatrick, Beth Grant, Rhonda Johnson Dents, Kasandra Bandfield, Don Henderson Baker, David Jensen, Jim Gleason, Cailey Fleming, Angel Guiffra, Rachel Wulff.

SyFy Films will release the film in select theaters on June 29 followed by a VOD and Digital HD release on July 3.