What had looked to be a most likely promising collaboration of resurrection has turned into a situation on life support.

When it was announced that Colin Hardy would be directing a reboot of The Crow with Jason Momoa to play dead rock star turned ghostly avenger Eric Draven, it seemed like there was hope after all. The duo had been in preparations to bring the project to life after years of developmental hell.

Sadly, over the Memorial Day weekend, both Momoa and Hardy took to their Instagram accounts to announce they have departed the long developed project. See their individual posts below:

Originally to have been set for a 2019 release, the departures of both Momoa and Hardy now means that the project is most likely pulled from that release date and could mean that the film is definitely on life support.

Based on the graphic novel by James O’Barr, the film was adapted in 1994 by Alex Proyas, which would mark the final film appearance of Brandon Lee, who was accidentally killed on the set of the film only to have been completed by computer effects and current John Wick helmer Chad Stahelski as Lee’s body double.

What is the fate of The Crow reboot now? Consider it on life support and at this rate, after years of development and many actors leaving and filmmakers, it’s time for Sony to pull the plug.

H/T: Jason Momoa Instagram; Colin Hardy Instagram (see posts above)