What if Chuck Norris made an Indiana Jones-like adventure film? Well, wait no more as three decades ago, he did just that in this wild fun ride from the group at Cannon Films.

Max Donigan and Leo Porter are two soldiers of fortune who have had the worst luck when it comes to their adventures. After a decade of misfortune, the duo have had enough and are nearly ready to give it up and safely retire. However, when they meet Patricia Goodwin, a mysterious woman with good intentions, the duo have a feeling their luck finally may change.

Patricia has a map that leads to an Aztec treasure and should the trio find that treasure, she agrees to split it with the two. They agree and their adventure begins. Along the way to the treasure, they find themselves at constant risk from the likes of military rebels and to make matters worse, a mysterious figure known as El Coyote is planning to stop the trio and use Patricia as a human sacrifice to appease the guardian known as the Firewalker.

In the wake of the 1980’s, Chuck Norris was one of the baddest action stars on the planet, with his amazing use of martial arts skills. With titles such as Lone Wolf McQuade, the Missing in Action films, and Invasion U.S.A. under his belt, Norris took a big risk and decided to take a stab at doing an action comedy. The end result is a mere ripoff of buddy action comedies and especially the Indiana Jones films that can be hailed as a cult classic today.

Joining Norris for the fun are Louis Gossett Jr., who proves to play a great foil to Norris; and Melody Anderson, best known for her role as Dale Arden in another cult classic, Flash Gordon. Gossett and Norris have such fun chemistry together, playing each other off from the beginning while Anderson and Norris have that chemistry that yells out “potential love interest” which proves to be predictable but fun nonetheless, especially in a scene where to evade some of their adversaries, Norris and Gossett dress up as priests and Anderson as a nun.

Of course, this being a Chuck Norris film, there has to be action and this film provides plenty of it. Norris gets to strut his kicks in a bar fight after Gossett’s attempt to fend off against a big thug proves unsuccessful. From there, Norris sporadically gets to rely on his martial arts skills, but as his character calls for it, he finds himself successful through pure dumb luck.

Firewalker may seem like an Indiana Jones-ripoff, but it is a fun classic that shows Chuck Norris in a lighter mode than what many are used to and his chemistry with Louis Gossett makes this a fun and wild action comedy.


A Cannon Films production. Director: J. Lee Thompson. Producers: Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. Writers: Robert Gosnell and Jeffrey M. Rosenbaum; story by Gosnell and Norman Aladjem. Cinematography: Alex Phillips Jr. Editing: Richard Marks, Carlos Puente, and Charles Simmons.

Cast: Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr., Melody Anderson, Will Sampson, Sonny Landham, John Rhys-Davies, Ian Abercromie, Richard Lee-Sung, Zaide Silvia Gutierrez.