After a successful short film with Blindsided, Eric Jacobus and Clayton Barber have brought back the character in an extended sequel that brings some more action and more intensity.

Walter is a lover of apple pie, making them himself even though he is completely blind. When he heads to the local convenience store to get milk and apples from good friend Gordon. When a trio of debt collectors, led by Nico, demands Gordon pay his debts, Gordon asks for a week but Nico refuses. Walter comes to the rescue as it is revealed he is also skilled in martial arts. Able to defeat the trio, Gordon is stunned to learn about his customer’s skills.

Meanwhile, gangster Sal is unhappy with the trio after they fail to bring back Gordon’s money. He demands they get Gordon’s money right away. Gordon finally tells Walter why he is in debt to Sal. When Nico and his men return but Walter once again is able to stop the trio, leading Gordon to settle things himself. However, Walter has plans of his own and decides to settle the score by challenging Sal to a poker game.

Eric Jacobus has been a fan favorite since his days with the Stunt People team and their fun short action films. After his great Kicktionary videos, which inspired him to do his “Real Life Tekken” series, Jacobus and collaborating partner Clayton J. Barber came up with Blindsided, a fun short film about a blind man who is also a fighter who protects a convenience store owner from a trio of collectors.

For this follow-up, it is more of an extension of the original short film. Clocking in at nearly 46 minutes, this film brings more depth in terms of characterization as well as some more fun action, this time in the vein on Zatoichi. Jacobus once again brings it as Walter, our blind hero with Roger Yuan giving more emotional support (even with one short fight scene) as Gordon, the store owner who Walter helps out. Joe Bucaro III brings in a bit of the fun as gangster Sal with producer, actor, and martial artist David No as his silent yet deadly henchman Ace. Nicholas Verdi does bring a bit of overacting at times as collector Nico, but doesn’t overdo it too much, so it’s forgivable.

Blindsided: The Game is a pretty good extension into Walter’s universe, with some more depth and fun action into the mix thanks to Eric Jacobus and cast. It is definitely worth taking a look.


A Jacobus Barber Production in association with Furious Films. Director: Clayton J. Barber. Producers: David No and Clayton J. Barber. Writers: Eric Jacobus and Clayton J. Barber. Cinematography: Nicholas Verdi. Editing: Eric Jacobus.

Cast: Eric Jacobus, Roger Yuan, Joe Bucaro III, Nicholas Verdi, David No, Brett Sheerin, Khalid Ghajji, Luke LaFontaine, Michelle Lee, Pete Antico, Karen Pang, Robert Loya.

You can see the full film below: