Roel Reine is back with another historical epic and it looks great!

Back from an interview World Film Geek with Reine in 2016, he had mentioned he would love to do another Dutch epic film about Vikings battling the Franks in Holland during the 9th Century. Reine made good on that word as the trailer to his upcoming epic Redbad has arrived.

AD 754. Northern Europe is divided into two different worlds: above the rivers are the Frisians, the Saxons and the Danes. Below the rivers, the Franks hold sway. Their aim is to do what the Romans never managed and conquer all of Europe, using their new weapon to subjugate the heathens: Christianity. They have their eye on the most important trade center of Europe, ruled over by the Frisian king Aldigisl. This film is a historic, action-packed epic about the rise of Christianity and the sagas and the ancient legends of Redbad.

Gijs Naber takes the titular role of Redbad, with a stellar Dutch cast including Renee Soutendijk, Huub Stapel, Jonathan Banks, Egbert Jan Weeber, and Derek de Lint joining Naber in this action packed epic.

Speaking of “epic”, Epic Pictures Group will release Redbad later this year.