There Will Be Another “Sharknado” and It Will Be the Last!


Prepare for the final Sharknado because it’s coming!

While the first few installments of the SyFy/Asylum film franchise were hits among the TV crowd, the latest installment, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming didn’t do well ratings wise and now it looks like they are ending the franchise with the upcoming 6th film.

The film series stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid as couple Fin Sheperd and April Wexler, who battle the titular disaster and have done so in various manners and various locations. Countless cameos from celebrities helped make the franchise what it is: a true cult classic film series.

The final installment is said to involve time travel, in which Fin is gearing to travel back in time to learn what caused the Sharknado and stop it before it happens. Set to return are Ziering and Reid alongside Vivica A. Fox, who appeared in Sharknado 2: The Second One.

Anthony C. Ferrante returns to the helm for Sharknado 6, which is set to debut in August on SyFy.

Source: CNN

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