It’s time once again to be SuperFly.

Sony Pictures has unveiled the official teaser trailer to the modern-day update of the classic 1972 Blaxploitation film, immortalized by the late Ron O’Neal in the role of Youngblood Priest, who rises to the top of the drug dealing chain only to decide that he has to retire before he ends up either in prison or six feet under.

In this modern day version from the marvelously named Director X, Trevor Jackson brings Youngblood Priest to modern day Atlanta, where he has been working hard since the age of 11 and has risen to the top only to realize he will eventually face consequences if he continues the game. Jason Mitchell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Lex Scott Davis, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, and Jacob Ming-Trent co-star in the reboot, which was written by Alex Tse, who co-wrote the live action Watchmen movie.

SuperFly is due for a June 15th release date from Sony Pictures.