The Official “Cobra Kai” Trailer Brings Back The Originals

It is a long time coming…what has become of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, the rivals in the original Karate Kid? No we don’t mean actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. We mean the characters? The answers are not only revealed in the official trailer  for the series, but on May 2, the answers will have a full reveal.

In Cobra Kai, Johnny is now down and out. When he witnesses a young man being bullied by a gang of fellow teenagers, Johnny fends them off and offers to teach the young man, Miguel, karate. This inspires Johnny to re-open the Cobra Kai Dojo, much to the chagrin of Daniel, who has become the #1 car dealer in the Valley. However, Daniel is still reeling from the fact he lost Miyagi and has lost some balance. Yes folks, the rivalry is back and Daniel and Johnny are destined to have a rematch from their classic karate match 34 years ago.

The series will be exclusively on YouTube’s YouTube Red series, premiering on May 2.


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