A teaser trailer for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors live action film has been unveiled and shows the release of the power of Musou.

The film, which after years of attempting to gain the rights from video game makers Koei Tecmo and finally succeeded, is produced and directed by Roy Chow, the man behind films such as Rise of the Legend and Nightfall. From the trailer, it truly looks like the video game is brought to life with the music and the use of the Musou, an energy that enables its user to defeat scores of soldiers on the battlefield.

Louis Koo, Wang Kai, Tony Yang, Han Geng, Ray Lui, Coulee Nazha, Philip Keung, Lam Suet, Law Kar-Ying, Justin Cheung, and Carina Lau are among the ensemble cast of the film.

The film is set for release by HMV China Digital Group in 2019.