Bieber Generation (2018)



This documentary takes a look at the fad known as the “Beliebers”, hardcore fans of pop star Justin Bieber.

What is a Belieber? According to Urban Dictionary, the definition is a huge fan of pop star Justin Bieber. Even when Bieber had been at his absolute worse, the Beliebers have stood by their idol. What is it about the former viral sensation that makes him a hit amongst fans? We get the answers through the eyes of those who call themselves Beliebers.

Some of the Beliebers in this documentary talk about the reason why they are such fans of his and some of the torment they have endured as a result of being a Belieber. They are teased and bullied. However, when it comes to his music, some of the Beliebers feel that his music has made them feel comfortable about themselves and in the case of one fan, it helped save her life.

This film truly isn’t for everyone. Let’s face it. There are many who can’t stand Justin Bieber, especially when they heard about his off-stage behavior in the past. However, there are those fans who truly stand by him through both the ins and outs of his career and it is in the same way as a real Jackie Chan fan would appreciate his attempts to break out of his usual shtick and try something new. Everyone has their own tastes towards certain fads.

While on a personal level, this reviewer is not a Belieber, there are a few of his songs that are tolerated. Yet the people depicted in this documentary are true fans of the star. The intention of these Beliebers are clear. They want the non-Beliebers, such as this reviewer, to understand why they feel the way to do about him. And it not a national fad, but one that has gone global with no limits as to gender or age.

While this reviewer will definitely never be a Belieber, Bieber Generation does gain perspective on the fanbase and after seeing how the star’s music has helped these fans, a little bit more respect is given.


Gravitas Ventures presents a Desert Hotel Films production. Director: Jennifer Van Gassel. Producers: Jennifer Van Gessel and Arianne Limbrick. Editing: Ben Schelle, Danielle Skerrett, and Jennifer Van Gessel.

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